Honey's ability to absorb moisture and
delay the drying out or staling of baked
goods is of great importance to a baker.
Honey works as an excellent cough syrup. A
spoonful in your tea in the morning, or now and
then during the day, can rid you of that
annoying cough.
It requires 556
worker bees to
gather a full
pound of
honey. Each of
the bees would
have to fly more
than once
around the
world to do
Honey gives quick energy that lasts longer than
sugar. Plus it isn't fattening. So if you're running
a marathon tomorrow, be sure to take a small
squeeze pot of honey along!
During her busy season, the colony's Queen
may lay 2000 eggs per day!!! Don't you wish a
chicken could lay that many eggs per day?
The average life of a worker bee during the
busy season is about 6 weeks, unless the
bee stings something before that. For 3
weeks they work in the hive and the next 3
weeks they are outside of the hive
collecting pollen and nectar.
Besides its content of sugar, honey
contains many of the minerals known to be
essential for the growth and health of the
human body.
Honey is one of the safest foods for
humans over 1 years of age because most
harmful bacteria cannot live in honey.
Honey is a natural, unrefined food. Honey
has two chief sugars, levulosse and
dextrose. The minerals found in honey are
iron, copper, sodium, potassium,
manganese, calcium, magnesim and
It has been scientifically shown that the
human body can absorb honey quickly.
Most of the important constituents of the
vitamin B complex are found in honey and
also some vitamin C.
Nectar, gathered by the bee from flowers,
contains about 70% water, whereas honey
contains 17% water. The extra moisture is
removed by rapid fanning by the bees
Summarizing all these facts, it's no wonder
the ancient Greeks called honey the nectar of
the gods!!!
A bumpy ride agitated the bees, showing a few of
the thousands of bees that can occupy one hive!
A beautiful comb
of capped honey!
How many bees would it take to make this much honey?

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